• Namita Koshy

Why did I choose climate action and sustainability?

The short answer is, because I saw a way that I could help out. There is a part of the universe that is paying attention to the climate crisis and exploring all kinds of solutions to now protect the future of humanity. Admittedly, the whole universe doesn't see this picture yet and only a handful of people are working really hard on this problem. I don't have any relevant skillsets to reduce the actual carbon in the atmosphere or even devise solutions that can replace high carbon industries and lifestyles. But I know how to persuade large groups of people on tough topics, which could translate into simple conversations like going solar or embracing electric vehicles or consuming more sustainable food.

Climate action and sustainability will only see traction when there is no psychological resistance to the systems, solutions and innovations that are being created for the greater good. Getting human beings to be open and accepting to a new world of habits is easier said than done - resistance is usually the first reaction to anything involving habit change, especially if you need to be convinced to add one more item to your to-do list. Whether it is executives or food consumers, human beings will need to break out of their old decision patterns for compelling alternate reasons, in order for us to solve the climate crisis. And we need this mindset shift to happen en masse within a short period of time, when we know there is never a magic bullet for problems of scale.

I've spent more than a decade working with brands of scale to create and persuade markets for specific purchase decisions. And it's all been in a digital-first universe, whether it is through social media campaigns or search optimisation or e-commerce. But perhaps what makes me most eligible is the variety of audiences that I have studied over the years and understood how to psychologically approach their barriers and triggers, so that there is better conversion and results. Once I saw how this world could help in the world of sustainability and climate action, I could not un-see it and had to try extending my expertise to those who are working hard to solve the hard problems for the world.

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